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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 24, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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as a nation to make more reform. jillian: absolutely. alice marie johnson thank you for joining us as always and we look forward to hearing from you this week. >> thank you. todd: thank you. and with that "fox & friends" begins right now. have a great one, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> hours from now the republican national convention gets underway. the theme is honoring the great american story. >> we are going to see something that is going to be very uplifting and positive. we are going to be talking about the economy. what we have done and where we are going. >> can you win a presidential election from home? >> we will. >> when you hear the president say this guy is afraid to leave his basement? >> guess what? i have left my basement. >> just like during the democratic convention where joe biden wouldn't go anywhere, the president traveled this country. that's what we need a leader not afraid to get out there. >> major break through treating the coronavirus. >> scientists have the promising
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efficacy. >> 35% at advanced. >> an historic double slam the gulf coast bracing for back-to-back storms. >> most cities have years between named storms, new orleans could have just hours. >> we will get a right hook from marco and left hook from lara. these too risky for new york city and indoor dining. >> no indoor dining in new york. steve: indoor museum in new york sings 1978. i don't know what the big deal
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is. brian: museum of natural history they have dinosaurs. steve: welcome aboard, folks. after four nitsd ever the dnc, the big question is how will the rnc be different? ainsley, we are going to find out tonight. ainsley: that's right. the president says he is going to be speaking every night. just hours from now president trump is heading down to charlotte, north carolina to kick off the republican national convention. brian: the president expected to speak every single night or at least make an appearance as his campaign releases second term agenda. steve: it is lengthy. griff jenkins is live outside the melon auditorium in washington with a preview of day one. griff, we understand the president is leaving on air force 1 at 10:30 this morning heading down south and then it begins. griff: it's the republican's turn different from the dnc in milwaukee where delegates were not in person. there will be more than 300 in
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there today taking a role call. the overall theme honoring the great american story. today's specific theme is land of the promise. let me show you who some of those speakers will be president trump's son donald trump junior. steve scalise. senator tim scott, representatives mat r. matt imeats and jim jordan and ronna mcdaniel. president trump and vice president pence will both travel to charlotte today to be on hand ahead of the kickoff. here is what the president said preview with our own steve hilton. listen. >> i think the overall is going to be a very positive as opposed to a dark. a very, very positive message and positive on the economy. we're going to have a great year next year. >> and he says his priorities in the second term will include 10 million new jobs, a vaccine for the coronavirus, bringing back manufacturing jobs from china, cutting prescription drug prices and defends and fully funding law enforcement. now, one thing we will not see in a potential second term will
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be white house senior advisor kellyanne conway announcing late last night she will be stepping down at the end of the month to focus on her family saying in a statement she is, quote: deeply grateful to the president adding for now beloved children it will be less drama more momma. in a programming note, guys, while president trump will be heading down to charlotte, so will vice president pension and i will be going along with him for a day in the life to see vice president pence as he sets there to charlotte to take it all in. we will bring that to you tomorrow morning. brian, ainsley, steve? ainsley: thank you, griff. the theme is going to be honoring the great american story and the president's second term agenda will be fighting for you, the average every day american person. many people that are many leaders will be there in charlotte it will be a smaller number of individuals than it would be precorona. some of the people that have speaking mark and patricia
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mccloskey facing felony charges for guns to protect their house. nicholas sandmann covington high school. also melania, ivanka, tiffany, trump will be speaking alice johnson hot president commuted and she said to much is given much is expected. she is so less blessed that the president commuted her sentence and she is now able to be out of prison. she served her time and now she is with her family. so, david muir, he interviewed. he sat down with joe biden and he sat down with kamala harris and they were social distanced and he said, you know, there is a contrast in these campaigns. he said president trump is on the road. he has been to wisconsin and iowa and arizona. mean while the have you been in your basement. do you think you can win that way? here is that interview. >> but can you win a presidential election from home? >> we will. we are going to follow the science. what the scientists tell us. we have been able to travel places when we have been able to do it in a way that we don't cause a congsz of large numbers of people.
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look what happens -- what's happened with his events. people die. people get together, they don't wear masks. they end up getting covid. they end up dying. >> when you hear the president say this guy is afraid to leave his basement? >> guess what? law enforcemen[laughter] i have left my basement. in the meantime 500 million people have watched what i have done out of my basement. and guess what? people are listening. brian: here's the thing. in terms of who watched his speech compared to hillary clinton it had dropped 17%. he got 24 million. that's 17% off that phoney laugh that he had right now really does not make people feel better about the fact that if this race tightens up he will be forced to get out. president trump is sending a message and make the decision right message. virus is here. it's not our fault how to live with it. joe biden sells the virus is here. he didn't bring it here. he has handled it terribly so i have to hide until it goes away. americans cannot hide.
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they have to learn to live, adapting and adjust while the scientists work hard to get the therapeutics and to get the vaccine. that's going to be the difference. that's going to be the contrast. steve: brian, joe biden said he would shut the whole country down again. brian: i couldn't believe he said that. steve: president trump secretary of defense in the past i would not shut the entire country down again because that was -- you didn't have to shut down montana if the trouble was in new jersey. let's bring in charlie kirk, the executive director of turning point u.s.a. is he joining us from scottsdale, i believe. so, charlie, you are one of the speakers tonight. and, you know, i know you don't want to reveal your entire message, but we heard from the president in that interview with steve hilton that ran last night where he said, essentially that the democrats had a grim message last week and their message the republicans starting tonight will be one of pot of. anpositivity. isn't that because we are so
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exhausted by coronavirus. we are desperate for some good news? >> absolutely. we have a country to celebrate. and we should do exactly that we should recognize the threats that are facing our country but, also, i believe we want a president who is bold enough to go and confront those threats. not basically admit he is going to try to win the presidency by staying in shelter in place. we want a president who, yes, of course respect the restrictions that are in place but, also, show the leadership path forward. and so i'm honored to be speaking tonight. part of my remarks will be focused on one thing that the president talked about last evening and also part of his policy rollout which is teaching personal exceptionalism. some could say that's my day job. actually getting young people to love america again. i think that's also a very important point that was missed last week in the democrat convention was how there is a growing sense of rebellion amongst young people towards the history and the cultural of this beautiful country that we live
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in. ainsley: so in an interview in the new yorker. president obama said that bernie sanders and joe biden, they are really not that different. here is a quote from that interview. he says if you look at joe biden's goals and bernie sanders' goals they are not that different from a 40,000-foot level. they both want to make sure everybody has healthcare, a lot of time, the issue has to do with how do we go about that and what are the coalition's needs? what i think the moment has done is to change some of those caucuses not because necessarily joe's changed but because circumstances have changed. why is he trying to link these two to sound so similar when you look at their issues? one is extremely progressive and one is old school establishment democrat. do you think they are more alike than they are different? >> on the surface he very confusing because it runs contra to the message democrats were spending time on last week to get moderate republicans to go vote joe biden. huge part of their programming. i think there is a deeper lesson
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some of the anxiety of the democrats are. they have a base problem. i think barack obama is very cued in to this. i think barack obama is trying to convince. so younger voters that hey, bernie sanders and joe biden are exactly the same. if you showed up for bernie sanders you should show up for joe biden. they are seeing a democrat enthusiasm gap in some of the public polling reflects that i can't imagine how this is a good thing to try to win wisconsin and pennsylvania to all of a sudden make the argument oh, forget about all of the hours of programming that we tried to dedicate to show joe biden as aa moderate democrat. instead is he actually the same as the radical bernie sanders. it's very confusing but telling in a certain sense that the democrats an enthusiasm problem. especially with younger, more progressive voters. brian: charlie, you are 100 percent right. president obama even his grit particular good politician. they wasted four days trying to say that joe biden is a moderate. ignore those people who said is he going to get rid of fracking
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and ignore those people is he going to up everybody's taxes and ignore cut definition that's what he does. ignore the fact that he is not going to defund police. no one can underscore how valuable you have been to the republican party. your rise has beened me or rick anybody who watches agrees. appreciate impact is kellyanne conway. talk about the loss of kellyanne. her strategy. her knowledge of the electorate, especially suburban women, how are you going to be able to fill that gap? >> kellyanne is a friend. she does an amazing job for the president. we must remember four years ago a late addition campaign manager. actually came the first female campaign manager to win a presidential campaign. steve: historic. >> she did phenomenal job through targeting voters wisconsin and michigan. i don't think she got the credit
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she necessarily deserved there. she was part of that late switch. we forget that was late august in 2016. just about exactly four years ago when she come in. and so, i think -- i don't think kellyanne's involvement in the conservative movement is over i have known kellyanne for many years. she is very smart and works very hard. those of thawfs know her consider her to be a very good ally to the president. steve: she is taking time off to tend to her family which everybody can understand. charlie kirk one of the first speakers tonight at the big rnc. by the way in the 10:00 hour we understand there is going to be a special surprise every night charlie will you tell us what the surprise is. >> not right now you will have to watch. ainsley: thank you, sir. steve: 6:12. oh my goodness extreme weather. the gulf coast is bracing for back-to-back storms at this hour. tropical storm marco expected to make landfall later today with
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tropical storm laura heading up right behind. ainsley: laura leaving at least 11 people dead in haiti in the dominican republic over the weekend. people forced to way through the streets and recover bodies. brian: janice? janice: marco is the imminent threat right now. laura is going to be the extreme dangerous storm. so marco has weakened overnight and actually the heaviest rainfall is away from the center of the storm moving into the florida panhandle, parts of alabama and georgia and as you can see 60 mile-per-hour sustained winds. we have tropical storm warnings now. no hurricane watches or warnings. so we are confident that this is going to remain a weakening tropical storm as it moves inland across louisiana or hugs the coast from louisiana through texas over the next day or so. obviously we are concerned with
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marco but lawyer is going to be laura is goingto remain a very . intact and go over very warm waters gulf of mexico perhaps strengthening to a major hurricane and impacting louisiana towards texas, so here is laura as we go through time. certainly category 2 storm. but it definitely has time to strengthen even further than that. so, laura is the one that we are really concerned with because the warm waters of the gulf of mexico and the upper level winds are going to be more conducive to strengthening. so laura is going to be the big impact storm and, of course, we are watching the potential for both of these tracks to cross each other through the workweek which is quite historic and marco, again, we are expecting a landfall later on today as a tropical storm, certainly heavy rainfall storm surge and tornadoes will be a risk. laura will be the real danger as we go through the next several days across the gulf coast.
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we will be watching both of those storms throughout the morning and throughout the week. steve, ainsley. brian, back to you. steve: the 1-2 punch. j.d. thank you very much. 6:15 in new york city time for jillian for the first time on this monday morning. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert. a safety emergency declared overnight as protests erupted in wisconsin after a black man is shot by police. people seen smashing windows and setting several trucks on fire. it comes after video appears to show officers following jacob blake as he approaches his car. when he opens the door, he is shot several times in the back. witnesses say blake was trying to break up a fight when police arrived. he is in serious condition. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. firefighters are bracing for storms that could spark new wildfires in california. at least seven people have been killed. more than 1 million acres have already burned. military planes and the national guard now assisting exhausted firefighters. this as we learn a firefighter
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on the front lines is robbed. police say a looter stole a wallet from a truck and drained the account. officials calling the act sickening. postmaster general louis dejoy set to testify before the house oversight committee today. his appearance comes as the white house dismisses the house democrats $25 billion funding bill for the funding. mark meadows calling it a political stunt. >> hopefully what will happen is the republican senators will take this bill when it comes across. they will amend it and actually address many of the things that are hurting america right now. jillian: the postal service criticize the bill saying restriction also prevent it from improving overall service. that is a look at your headlines second it back to you. steve: thank you very much. al weekend of chaos plaguing the streets of portland again. third night in a row declared a riot as demonstrators throwing
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rocks at officers and american flag and putting a teddy bear in a guillotine. how do we restore law and order? good luck. talk to fox news contributor and retired acting ice director tom homan. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: don't these protesters realize every time they do something like that they are simply proving that donald trump, what he is saying about the law and disorder is accurate? >> out there breaking laws because there is no system of consequence and deterrence. the democratic politician whether it's the mayor or governor have handcuffed the police. if you let the police do the job they are trained to do. if they enact zero tolerance, you step out of line, you break the line, you go to jail. also got to have the prosecutor prosecute them. that prosecutor is not prosecuting.
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let the police officer actually do their job they can end this stuff. that's not happening because have you got a mayor that don't let them do their job and a governor that don't think there is a problem and a prosecutor that refuses to prosecute. steve: right. when you look at the issues facing the american voter. the number one issue right now is coronavirus followed by the economy and digging out of the hole we are in because of the coronavirus. down the line have you got security. and there are a lot of security moms out there who are watching things like this and they are saying well, you know, that's just the big cities. what i didn't mention about the violence over the weekend there was also the protesters marched through the suburbs of portland at one point with the guillotine and a teddy bear and set the teddy bear and the american flag on fire. if they are wondering is it going to come to the suburbs, it did this weekend this ought to
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be upperfront issue. covid, there will be a vaccine, there is no vaccine for the rising crime in democrat controlled cities. this is a failure of the democratic party. democrat governors and democrat mayor's. it's not a coincidence every one of these cities started out as a sanctuary city that walked away from immigration enforcement years ago. wasn't about immigration it was law enforcement. front and center and winning message for this president because is he a law and order president unlike joe biden. steve: it impacts every american. they are concerned about their personal safety. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about something you know better than anybody. that's immigration. you know, historically, the republicans and democrats have not been able to get on the same page and pass anything in the congress to become law. so, instead, donald trump, for instance, had to use his pen and his phone, you know, with executive powers. to get stuff done. it is likely if joe biden is elected president, a lot of the progress that you would sight
3:20 am
that president trump has immigration joe biden is going to undo it like that. >> lock. i am going to say it clear. if joe biden wins the presidency, we lose the border. president trump has got illegal immigration down 60 to 85%. depending on what month you look at because of the actions he has taken. the biden effect is already happening. crossings last month are up over 40%. of course most of them are sent back to mexico because of covid. 40% of people try to get this country last month. why? see in the news biden is going to win the presidency. is he going to give them free healthcare. going to put a moratorium on deportations. deport those who commit felonies. he supports sanctuary cities and abolish ice. the biden effect is happening. if he wins the white house we lose the border of success that president trump has gained. steve: finally tom, since the rnc kicks off today, one of the core principles that they would like to achieve during the second term if donald trump is
3:21 am
reelected is under the topic end illegal immigration. one of the things they would like to do is mandatory deportation for non-citizen gang members. that seems like a no-brainer. why haven't we done it so far? >> look, it is no brainer. i can tell you this president has focused on getting members, thousands removed. thousands of other gang members. our streets are safer because of president donald trump. you can't take that away from him. he has done more to secure our border than any president in my lifetime stone cold fact. steve: all right. tom homan, always a pleasure. thanks for kicking off our a block today, sir. >> good seeing you, steve. steve: all right. see you soon. straight ahead on this monday morning. coming up, a break through in the fight against covid-19. the fda approved convalesce sent plasma to be utilitied in treatment.
3:22 am
dr. nicole saphier is going to be making a house call coming up next. ♪ you make me feel like dancing ♪ i want to dance the night away ♪ you make feel like dancing.
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>> glad you are up. hope you are dressed. tiktok expected to file a lawsuit against the trump administration isn't that nice. challenging executive order banning the app. the chinese based company accusing them of not following due process of law. that he was fascinating. the president gave bite dance september 15th praises. calling the company a national security risk. and twitter hits the president with another warning label. the president tweeting that mail
3:27 am
drop boxed in the upcoming election could lead to fraud. twitter flags the tweet violating civic integrity policy. ainsley: thank you, brian. president trump tout ago therapeutic break through fighting covid-19. announcing treat patients with convalescent plasma. >> this is a powerful therapy that trans fuses strong blood in the patients battling a current infection. incredible rate of success. today's action will dramatically expand access to this treatment. ainsley: here to discuss is fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier and author of that book right there "make america healthy again." hey, dr. saphier. >> good morning. ainsley: the hhs secretary said this is a major advance in the treatment of patients. what does this mean for america? >> well, convalescent plasma.
3:28 am
plasma is the part of the blood that contains antibodies that you have heard so much about. convo says end plasma is not novel we have been doing it for a century. a study out of mayo clinic treated 30,000 patients with this potential modest benefit for patients treated early whether i high enough tighters of the antibodies. the fda has issued the emergency use authorization. it's not fda approved but an eua because it shows the potential for benefit in the emergency situation. it has proven safe. we know it's safe because we have been using it for so long. the good news is, you know, there is a chance that this will be saving lives. therefore, people should be rejoicing. but, unfortunately, you know, you do see people want to damper such announcement but, at the end of the day, when you are in the middle of a crisis, ainsley, any sign of progress, any potential treatment that is proving safe and has the potential to save lives should be rejoiced upon.
3:29 am
ainsley: so president biden -- excuse me me, vice president biden was interviewed he's to be president. david muir asked him if you become president would you shut down the country again if scientists recommended it? listen to this. >> if you are sworn in come january and we have coronavirus and the flu combining, which many scientists have said is a real possibility, would you be prepared to shut this country down again? >> i would shut it down. i would listen to the scientists. i would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives. ainsley: dr. saphier, do you see scientists recommend go aheading another shut down or lockdown. >> it's easy to say that when actions aren't based upon your words. bottom line is when you look at national crisis one dealing with public health, yes, you actually need to listen to your scientists. you also need to listen to mental health developmental experts and as well as economic
3:30 am
signists that's how did you go best practice forward. just shutting down entire diverse nation doesn't necessarily make sense. the southern hemisphere right now reporting negligible flu season because of the social distancing and coronavirus. hopefully as we head into our flu seasonal we will see the same effects with lower flu. at the end of the day, we do need to be listening to our public health recommendations whether that is wearing a mask when you not socially distance and still avoiding large crowds while we have a circuiting coronavirus and although we have an arsenal of treatments right now, we still need more. there are a lot of studies underway getting us to that place where we can safely reopen. every day we are closer to a vaccine, hopefully spring 2021 we will be seeing that vaccine in use. ainsley: we hope. so thank you so much, dr. sapphire. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. still ahead the house democrats slamming the white house postal
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where you live has never no mattermattered more.e, for over 100 years, realtors® have been providing expert guidance, helping people find new places to dream and thrive. when you're ready... look for the r. ainsley: we are back with extreme weather. the gulf coast bracing for back-to-back storms. tropical storm marco closing in on louisiana overnight. brian: tropical storm laura bringing deadly flooding to the i didn'caribbean. expected to hit the u.s. this week. steve: marco should make landfall in a number of hours. charles, it looks like the calm before the storm right now. >> hey, guys, louisiana is bracing for possible 1-2 punch from marco and laura which is expected to be one grated to a hurricane before it makes landfall this week. preparationpreparations have bey
3:36 am
in south louisiana and much of the gulf coast region. near new orleans folks hurried to the grocery stores to stock up on essentials like water, food, toilet paper, you name it. the louisiana national guard out laying sand bags along the coast as marco quickly approaches. john bel edwards says louisiana could be in for a rough next few days. >> we're going to get basically a right hook from marco and then a left hook from laura. the window of time within which we may be able to operate and maneuver between the two storms may be as little as 12 hours. >> and tropical force winds and life threatening storm surge are possible as marco approaches. the gulf coast region and the fear is that all that water that's pushed inland will not have time to reseat before laura makes landfall somewhere between texas and louisiana later this
3:37 am
week. guys? ainsley: so sad. thanks so much. we will continue to watch it. thanks, charles. hand it over to janice dean who is tracking these two storms. janice? janice: incredible. louisiana as mentioned heavy rainfall from marco and on top of that laura could cause big damage over louisiana and parts of texas. look at that two storms interacting in just a matter of hours. really quite incredible, historic. 60 mile-per-hour sustained wind storms. the good news is marco is weakening and we don't think it's going to become a hurricane as it potentially makes landfall or hugs the coast from louisiana to texas over the next day or. so we are expecting a potential landfall later on this afternoon into this evening. heavy rainfall not a whole lot of it with marco. we could see the gusty tropical storm force winds and tornadoes but it's law. laura is what we are concerned with as we get into wednesday and thursday with heavy raferl totals upwards of a foot of rain from laura.
3:38 am
so here is what we are expecting from laura over the next couple of days. 65 mile-per-hour sustained winds just south of cuba and showers and thunderstorms are south of the center of circulation. as we go through time, wednesday, wednesday night into thursday, right before landfall, conditions become much more favorable for strengthening. and there is a good chance we could be dealing with a major hurricane category 3 or higher as we get towards the coast, louisiana and texas so the exact intensity the exact point of landfall and the timing on laura are yet to be determined as we go through the next day or so and it gets into the gulf of mexico we will have a better handle on these things. there are the tropical models expecting a landfall or hug along the coast for marco and then laura is going to be the one to watch as we get into the midweek with potentially major hurricane. there is the forecast track again, really incredible as marco and laura potentially cross paths as we get into
3:39 am
wednesday and thursday. really amazing stuff. back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. brian: we will follow the left hook and right hook. thank you, janice. bring in jason chaffetz former oversight. jason, we will talk about new revelations about the 2016 investigation about the double standard between the new revelations and double standard between hillary clinton's campaign and trump's. first things first. a rescue bill not going to happen for 25 billion passed the house to fund the post office who says they didn't need it and we know it's not going anywhere in the senate and the president will veto. what was the point of the saturday vote? >> well, as only nancy pelosi and the democrats can do, they voted on the bill on saturday and the hearing on the bill is today. it starts at 10:00 a.m. just unbelievable how the democrats do. this what they are doing on the postal bill. what the democrats are doing is a ruse. it is misdistrict. postal service has million millf
3:40 am
dollars at their disposal and i believe they can do what they need to do to deliver the mail. what we should pay attention to what donald trump is highlighting democrats sending out millions of ballots without you a then caghtd the vote as those ballots come back in through vote harvesting and other things. that's the danger to america. that's what we should be focused on. not this conspiracy theory that the democrats keep throwing at us. brian: we should point out 500,000 plus ballots not counted in the primaries according to "the washington post." that's astounding. >> yeah. brian: mail-in. >> that's just a handful of states. this ballot harvesting. the idea that they can collect these ballots and bring them back in without authenticating the vote, that's what's scary. steve: speaking of scary, you have got to figure some people at the fbi and doj and cia freaked out by john durham's probe. >> john brennan?
3:41 am
steve: john durham, sorry. anyway, james, mr. brennan, the guy who used to run the cia sat down with mr. durham for 8 hours of questioning on friday. james comey was asked about the durham probe and he said, look, i don't think i have anything to worry about. watch this. >> i can't imagine that i'm a target. i saw the news report that john brennan was a witness. given that i know what happened during 2016, which was a bunch of people trying to do the right thing consistent with the law, i'm not worried at all about that investigation of the investigation. next i'm sure will be an investigation of the investigation of the investigation of the investigation. they just want to have an investigation to talk about. steve: is that right? they just want an investigation so they have got something to talk about or is there something to be investigated? >> the fact that he hasn't been talked to i think is actually a scary prospect for the former fbi director. we have the inspector general more than a thousand pages
3:42 am
pointing out at least 17 direct things that they did fundamentally wrong there at the federal bureau of investigation. you have kevin clinesmith pleading guilty to all three documents to go after donald trump. i think the prospects of further indictments is strong. there is a reason why not only do we have durham doing what he is doing, buff you have another prosecutor in texas, a u.s. attorney also looking into unmasking. so, i have got to tell you, the prospects for comey and those directly around him are not good. ainsley: so, let's talk about what happened with the fisa warrant. i know that lindsey graham and other leaders have read these decleveland fbi documents. and lindsey graham is saying there is a double standard here because it revealed that they wanted a fisa warrant against a clinton, a hillary clinton operative who was connected to a foreign government and he goes on to say what happened? well they said we are not going to give that you until we briefed hillary clinton on this.
3:43 am
yet, when they wanted fisa warrant against someone in the trump campaign, they didn't brief the president about it. listen to this. this is lindsey graham. >> in march of 2015, the fbi finds out about a plot by foreign government to lobby her campaign and funnel millions of dollars into the clinton campaign illegally. they open up an investigation in october of 2015, fbi personnel met with the clinton campaign to tell her about the problem so she could fix it. they never issued the fisa warrant. that was right way to do business. forward to 2016, four counter intelligence investigations opened by the fbi against the trump campaign, they never tell him about it. so he can fix it. they used it as a way to spy on trump. and they informed clinton about the problems she was facing so she could fix it. the ultimate double standard. ainsley: why treat the clinton campaign differently than the
3:44 am
trump campaign? >> i have long maintained that the biggest smoking gun against the federal bureau of investigation in terms of motivation is the lack of a defensive briefing to donald trump personally. the idea that they gave it to hillary clinton but did not give it to donald trump goes the motivation. they should have done it. when we have somebody who is running for political office as the president of the united states, we give them secret service protection. we give all kinds of protection. but a defensive briefing is exactly what chairman lindsey graham is talking about. the fact that they didn't do it goes to motivation. brian: keep in mind i know some follow it closely and others get confused i understand both sides. lindsey graham casually asked a question did any government try to spy on hillary clinton's campaign and the answer was yeah. and we don't know that government still. what did you do? >> we gave her a defensive briefing. if he didn't casually ask that question without knowing the answer he would not have been able to find out the blatant
3:45 am
double standard as comey and could sit there and say i did everything right is astounding to me. it's going to be fascinating to see what comes down and john durham comes up with thank you, jason, appreciate it? >> thank you. brian: let's go up to jillian mele with other news. jillian: kim jong un is reportedly in a coma. a former south korean diplomat claims is he seriously ill. that's not the first time rumors about kim's health has surfaced. back in april he was reportedly in grave danger after botched heart surgery. he has made limited public appearances in the last few months. a brazen attack inside a cathedral during sunday mass is caught on camera. a woman was leaving the altar at saint peter and paul in philadelphia when she was punched in the face by another church-goer. the archbishop condemning the attack saying violence has no place in our world. the woman is expected to be okay. police are still searching for
3:46 am
the suspect. nfl commissioner roger goodell is apologizing to colin kaepernick in a new interview. take a listen. >> i wish we had listened earlier. kep what you were kneeling about and trying to bring attention to. >> goodell making the personal apology on linebacker youtube show. insisting the protests were not about the flag and said it was wrong to call players unpatriotic. goodell previously statement about not listening to players. christmas in august, huh? dolly parton spreading christmas cheer releasing a new song for upcoming holiday album ♪ mary did you know that your baby boy ♪ will one day rule the nation ♪ did you know. >> the country singer ready to slay the charts if you will with
3:47 am
the upcoming album. a holly dolly christmas set to be released in october. michael buble, willie nelson and miley cyrus. second it back to you guys. steve: this is a year we are going to need christmas cheer. all right. jillian. thank you. meanwhile, coming up, it was put up to encourage people to get out of poverty. but, instead this billboard got taken down. now the woman behind the campaign says she is going to sue. she tells her story coming up next ♪ i saw the sign ♪ it opened up my eyes ♪ i saw the sign ♪ from prom dresses... soccer practices... ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
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brian: it was designed to encourage people to get out of poverty. sparking backlash. the campaign launched by our next guest says quote tired of poverty? take any job, get married, save and invest. give back to your neighborhood. the billboards have now been taken down. here to react is the founder of the center father urban renewal and education star parker. what's wrong with that message? why would people be upset with that message? >> people upset? no, there is a deliberate attack of black lives matter. they went to clear channel and demanded that these billboards are taken down. brian, you know me and your audience knows me, i have been on fox news since fox news started but many do not know what i actually do. the organization i run cure ban cure is a policy institute based here in washington, d.c. we have been promoting messages to fight poverty and restore dig any digr message for 25 years.
3:53 am
i have taken this very message into our most vulnerable zip codes to talk to the heart of the people. so after the riots, this last go around, this summer, we decided at urban cure we were going to go in and speak to the arteries of those weakening up the next morning saying what has happened? those you can rarely reach unless you do billboards. thieves are the homes and zip codes that they do not have cable. they do not have internet. they have broken schools and family. you speak to them through billboards. for black lives matter demand that clear channel takes these down, we want to fight them but we need your help. we need help. brian: star, here is what clear channel outdoor billboard said. we have to respect a wide variety of racial sensitivities in our community. this ad did not receive proper approvals, lacked appropriate attribution and was promptly removed. really. >> they designed billboards.
3:54 am
deliberate attack cancel culture where black lives matter is going to and every advertising agency, every company let them vet the information before it goes through? i asked them at clear channel what exactly is so offensive? which point are you saying that we should not have discussed? this is not about extreme. this is about a success sequence that works. the people that have most vulnerable. young people caught between all of this violence that really need our help as a society, needed this message. and for clear channel to take them down, they are breaching a contract. and i don't think that black lives matter should get away with forcing a major company like clear channel to breach a contract. i think we should fight and make sure that clear channel has the freedom to do what they want to do as a company. brian: i also see the democratic representative i don't support this billboard and this is the district i'm running in, i'm making calls now to get rid of it and obviously he did.
3:55 am
so,. >> no more than that they actually stormed the offices of clear channel. clear channel is based in baltimore. we are running these ads in major metropolitans around the country what the rioting. did you the next morning everyone has a hangover what should we do next? if you are really tired of poverty this is all you have to do. finish school. get married. save and invest. give back to your neighborhood. this is how you fix that reality without government. this is individual initiatives. these are home truths. these are scientific truths. these are moral truths. and for them to pressure the can be to take them down this is unacceptable. brian: it says you missed the opportunity to inspire people to do more. >> yeah, right. you know what, if you look at the thread of black lives matter they say no, we control the narrative. we control the messaging. this is all we should take seriously. what will happen next see all magazines and advertising have to go through this black lives matter movement for approval. this is absolutely unacceptable
3:56 am
and n. a free country. brian: hurt, star. you made your point of view known and i think the message is sent. i'm not sure it's going to be approved by them but it's approved here. thanks so much. >> thank you, thank you, brian. brian: straight ahead, rudy giuliani is going to be here live. he is going to be covering this all four days and talking about the rnc and senator josh hawley a rising star on the right. what should the message be as donald trump tries to capture the attention of the american public one more time ♪ i will be pulling through. ♪ ♪ what happens now?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
frunch is heading down charlotte you, north carolina to kick off the republican national convention. >> talk about where we are going. >> you want a president to show the leadership path forward. >> president trump says that you want to defund the police. >> no, i don't want to defund police departments, i think they need more help. >> the house democrats voting on legislation to give the u.s. postal service an extra $25 billion. it has nothing to do with voting. it has everything to do with the political statement. >> the gulf coast is bracing for back-to-back storms at this hour. >> we are concerned with marco but laura is going to be a very big danger. perhaps strengthening to a major hurricane. >> a coronavirus plasma treatment touted by president trump. is it the break through we have
4:01 am
been waiting for? >> you know, there is a chance that this will be saving lives, therefore, people should be rejoicing ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ steve: let's go. looking at charlotte, north carolina. the rnc was supposed to be in charlotte. then they moved it to jacksonville and then the pandemic struck and it is back in charlotte and later this morning starting late in the morning, right through on 1 or 0 this afternoon turns out 336 delegates are going to officially nominate donald trump and mike pence and as soon as they are done with the business by mid afternoon, ainsley, they are going to leave town and go home. ainsley: that'that's right all s of speakers we are going to hear from the next four days. one of them is rudy giuliani. we will be talking to him coming
4:02 am
up. brian. brian: the president is going to be giving a speech today too. a lot going on as well as with the hearing with the post office which is going to be fascinating a bunch of democrats giving speeches to a guy who going to be sitting there. mark meredith is in charlotte with day one of the republican convention. hey, mark. >> brian, good morning to you. as you mentioned, this will not be a normal national convention. organizers say there will still be some things familiar to viewers including roll call vote happen later on this morning to renominate the president and vice president. some 300 plus delegates are going to be coming here if they are already here this week. they came in this weekend for that transto be here for that rl call vote. catch up with the chairwoman of the rnc notice some differences what you saw from the dnc just lackst last week. >> we will have more live elements but we are really going to talk about the president and real people and how his policies have made lives better for real people in the united states.
4:03 am
>> now, president trump, is he set to visit charlotte later today. his schedule as of now does not show a stop at the convention center there are strong indications he will likely stop by to thank delegates in person. we do also know the overall theme for the convention, honoring the great american story. there is going to be a different theme every night. the first one today the land of promise followed by a land of opportunity. land of heroes workers' compensation and thursday land of greatness. after the convention wraps up in charlotte we expect to hear from a high number of republicans including south carolina senator tim scott house minority whip steve scalise, form everywhere u.n. ambassador nikki haley, donald trump jr. and the rnc chairwoman you just heard from ronna mcdaniel. getting a look at what president trump hoping to accomplish in second term. creating new jobs and developing, of course, a covid-19 vaccine. bringing back more manufacturing jobs something the president ran on in 2016. cutting prescription drug prices and defending and fully funding
4:04 am
law enforcement. now, we have seen some protests over the weekend here in charlotte. it hasn't been as clear as tied to the rnc or other event. there is very tight security here around the charlotte convention center. it looks like a normal connection set-up as you know it is not a normal convention year. steve, ainsley, and brian, back to you. steve: nothing 2340r78 mall about it. mark, thank you very much. with the dnc that wrapped up on thursday, it was very clear they were thin on details of their plans for the most part it was donald trump is terrible as president and it will be a grim america if you reelect him. what the "wall street journal" says that the republicans need to do is they need to h educate voters about the democratic plans and offer alternative economic platforms with broader appeal. and, ainsley, when you look at joe biden's appeal, we have heard from the republicans that he is going to raise your taxes
4:05 am
$4 trillion. but it's very telling what his former boss, barack obama, said to the new yorker regarding mr. biden. ainsley: that's right. this is what he said. if you look at joe biden's goals and bernie sanders' goals they are not that different from a 40,000-foot level. they both want to make sure everybody has healthcare. a lot of times the issue has to be how do we go about that and what are the coalitions we need? what i think the moment has done is to change some of those calculations, not because necessarily joe has changed but because circumstances have changed. we had charlie kirk from executive director of turning point u.s.a. on earlier to reacted to that listen to what he said. >> i truly think there is a deeper lesson where some of the anxiety of the democrats are they have a base problem. i think barack obama is very cued in to this. i can't imagine how this is a good thing to win wisconsin and pennsylvania to make the argument forget about all of the hours of programming we tried to dedicated to show joe biden as a
4:06 am
moderate democrat. instead, he is actuality same as the radical bernie sanders. it's very confusing but i think it's telling in a certain sense that the democrats have an enthusiasm problem, especially with younger, more progressive voters. brian: they. do you and they sidelined the squad. they were invisible. the only reasonable why aoc got any attention at all is because, guess what? senator bernie sanders only had a few minutes, he gave some of his time so aoc could officially nominated him which created controversy to begin with. so if you were so proud of your left wing, why did you silence them and what are you silencing? because aoc in particular is on senator -- excuse me, vice president biden's advisory board. so what is she advising him if she can't even make the roster in a four day event that was put together with you could speak over the course of two hours every single night. they just could not find time for her. why barack obama would come out and say that is astounding to me
4:07 am
that's whether a they spent four days trying to eliminate. of the thought is he going to go forward if he get the job in attorney and long time friend and new york city mayor. mr. mayor, how do you get joe biden, who has got a somewhat moderate record as a democrat to come clean on what his agenda will be if he basically is saying that he is going to be up the middle? >> well, joe biden's agenda is going to be whatever he thinks the majority of his party wants. what we are seeing is he goes to the base, he goes to the place where the most yelling and screaming is done. if you listen to his speeches you wonder if he can make a rational decision. the reality is barack obama is -- barack obama is absolutely correct. at 40,000 feet. i don't know exactly what that means because is he in a basement so it has to be more than 40,000 feet. at 40,000 feet they are the same. look, the difference on healthcare is bernie sanders wants all private insurance done
4:08 am
away with. biden wants probably 70, 80 done away. they are about this far apart. he doesn't want to do away with all, most of it. we are are going to have obamacare plus under biden or we are going to have bernie's plan. one or the other. a lot of it is going to have to do with the congress that he gets. if he gets a liberal congress, you know he will go in that direction. plus, when he says that thing about the police, he is not going to defund the police? because he doesn't get questioned. because the reporters are corrupt don't ask him the follow up question. you shed the other day you are going to reprogram their money. reprogramming their money is defunding them. i ran a budget. you take money away from the police and give it to health and human services. that's exactly what he wants to do. they don't ask him the question. i think we're headed for a very left administration. is it going to be off the cliff or just on the cliff, one or the other. steve: well, you know, the
4:09 am
democrats last week, mayor, made it sound very grim if donald trump is reelected. of course now what we have heard is that the president and his team not only are they going to have a surprise some stunt during each 10:00 hour, some kind of surprise is going to happen tonight at 10:00. but but it's going to be a more positive message. what is your message tonight because you are one of the key speakers at the rnc. >> i'm speaking on thursday night. my message is obviously going to be a lot about crime and the differences between a biden america, which would be portland, new york, chicago, all those democrat cities out of control in the at their convention they didn't even mention that biden said silence is assent. now somebody wrote that for him. i'm not sure somebody could come
4:10 am
up with it. somebody wrote it in the teleprompter. sigh lengths is assent. how about the silence riots and murders going on in their cities, chicago, new york, portland? silence is assent. steve: those are people protests, mayor. >> if you want to take a look at joe biden want america. take a look at portland last night where they had a riot. take a look at the woman who punches the other woman in church yesterday. take a look at the 51 shootings in new york and the four murders, that's all happening under democrat mayors who actually now do nothing about it. a donald trump america is going to be an american that's very much like we had right before the pandemic america concentrated on issues. four days they didn't mention a single issue. he is going to talk in detail how he wants to lower taxes. how he wants to continue to
4:11 am
streamline regulations, particularly in light of the pandemic and what it's done. got to make some changes. who is better equipped to rejuvenate this economy what which is going to be a very complex task. joe biden who has never had a job who basically, you know, made his money off the government and his family getting money for his office or donald trump, who has shown that he is able to convert his business genius into being one of our best presidents. our economy was the best ever when the pandemic hit. there is no reason to believe he can't get it right back there and every indicator is we are way ahead of schedule. so i think we have a very, very uplifting message to give the american people. we can be as great as we want to be. we don't have to be a socialist country like europe. wee don't have to be a country that, you know, has a riot a day and has unbelievable numbers of murders like we used to have when we had democrats running this country. we can be a safe country and be the most prosperous in the world
4:12 am
and strongest military power on earth. not because we want to show off but because if we're not china will be. and finally china. how can they can nominate a man who is compromised on china, i have no idea. his son is still a partner with a chinese company. still, to this day. ainsley: rude, let me ask you about. >> they have made millions from our enemy, china. he wants to be president. ainsley: lindsey graham yesterday, he -- well, over the weekend he was talking about declassifying these fbi documents and they have read these documents the senate judiciary committee has, and he says when you look through these documents it's unbelievable. he says that when they wanted a fisa warrant against a clinton operative, then the fbi said no, no, no, no. not until we brief hillary clinton first when they wanted a fisa warrant against carter page put trump campaign, they never briefed president trump. listen to this. >> in march of 2015, the fbi finds out about a plot by
4:13 am
foreign government to lobby her campaign and funnel millions of dollars into the clinton campaign illegally. they open up an investigation in october of 2015 fbi personnel met with the clinton campaign to tell her about the problem so she could fix it. they never issued the fisa warrant. that was the right way to do business. forward to 2016, four counterintelligence investigations opened by the fbi against the trump campaign. they never tell him about it so he can fix it. they used it as a way to spy on trump and they informed clinton about the problem she was facing so she could fix it. the ultimate double standard. ainsley: rude, what's your response? >> is he absolutely correct. we are getting close to the bigger picture which is that from the very beginning of the obama administration they criticized the justice department withholder. holder actually came out and said i'm the wing man for the president or i have his back or something like that. something if attorney general barr said there would be another
4:14 am
attempt at impeachment. we don't have to go through all the decisions of the justice department in the usama bin laden years to show it was politicized. so when the big time came to bury the republican candidate and to save the democratic candidate, they fixed the case on hillary clinton, that was a fix right from obama. remember obama announced 8 months before the case was over she was innocent. that's a pretty good signal to a justice department don't investigate. immunize all the witnesses. give her the questions in advance. write the report three months before. that is a fixed case. contrast with the way they investigated donald trump. you know, tell him about it. put in phony wires. you make up phony charges. and, you don't immunize a ail the people around him. you try destroy them. you try put them in jail. every single personal close to donald trump they tried to destroy in order to get them to testify against donald trump. every single person on hillary clinton they immunized them.
4:15 am
hillary clinton had killed so many people they wouldn't have found out about it. brian: let's talk about another of your roles that is negotiating the debate terms have three of them and vice presidential one. when joe biden pulled off that speech 60 minutes might have been short but did not have any flaws and the message was clear even the president said basically solid performance. what should that show you message the president on to get him ready for the debates? what do you learn from that to get him ready for september. >> i don't care how joe biden performs in the debate. not much to get the president ready for except to review things. the president now unlike four years ago has the advantage of daily briefings, he is immersed in government policy. you can't believe how much this person has learned. brian: harder than hillary. >> i don't care who he debates he would win. he could debate daniel webster he would win. he is up on the facts, he knows everything. unlike biden he doesn't have problems getting sentences out
4:16 am
and confusing numbers and -- and, he has commands of the job. have you talked to him. you have interviewed him. he has substantive command of the job. if you think that, you know, these silly things the democrat say, if you think that's true, then you are really making a big mistake. this man is president of the united states 24/7. brian: thanks so much, mr. mayor. >> thank you. steve: good luck this week. 7:15 in new york city. we are turning to extreme weather. rare twin tropical storms are taking aim at the gunk right now. marco, the storm, closing in on louisiana overnight. ainsley: laura bringing deadly flooding to the caribbean still expected to hit the u.s. later this week on wednesday, brian. brian: here we go. charles watson live in new orleans where marco could hit landfall in just hours. charles? >> the gulf coast is region preparing for tropical storm marco first to hit somewhere
4:17 am
between louisiana and mississippi later today. here in ne new orleans, city officials have around with residents to be prepared for the impact of marco. folks have been rushing to grocery stores to stock up on essential items just in case things get bad. >> we don't know what to expect, i mean, is it going to be a catastrophe? or is it going to be a lot of rain? >> it seems to be moving pretty quickly. and it's not that strock. hoping it's a rain event and the power stays on. >> tropical storm laura has put a beating on haiti, causing flooding and property damage as it also makes its way to the gulf coast. the fear is that possibly life-threatening storm surge from marco. the water may push in land may not have time to recede before laura makes landfall as a possible hurricane later this week. take a listen to louisiana governor john bel edwards. >> we are going to get basically a right hook from moork and then
4:18 am
a left hook from laura. the window of time within which we may be able to operated and maneuver between the two storms may be as little as 12 hours. >> and, of course, these storms are coming during this 15th anniversary of hurricane katrina. of course, a lot of people are on edge, guys. steve: they are, indeed. thank you very much as they button down the hatches there janice dean has the latest data with the map behind her and not good. >> moork i marco is weakening. laura is behind it. national weather service coming out with update at 8:00 a.m. we will bring that to you. 60 mile-per-hour sustained winds. tropical storm warnings. no hurricane watches or warnings which is good news for louisiana in towards the mississippi. so the storm is around 100 miles away from the flout mouth of the
4:19 am
mississippi. we are expecting potential landfall later on this afternoon into this evening. although the storm could kind of hug the coast of louisiana towards texas so we will have to monitor that. storm surge, heavy rainfall, tropical storm force winds and tornadoes will be a risk. this is the storm we are going to be watching for as it has a lot of warm water ahead of it. not a lot of land interbe action south of cuba as it moves into the gulf of mexico the potential for rapid intensification. that will be the main problem and the exact intensity and forecast track and exact pinpoint time when it make landfall still yet to be determined we will keep you up to date on both storms crossing over the coast line. back to you. ainsley: thank you, janice. jillian has headlines for us. jillian: overnight a state of emergency as protests erupt in
4:20 am
wisconsin after a black man shot by police. people seen smashing windows and setting chevrolet trucks on fire. officers following jacob blake when he approaches his car. when he opens his door shot several times in the back. he was trying to break up a fight when police arrived he is in serious conditions. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. president trump touting a, quote: therapeutic break through in the fight against covid-19. the fda announcing an emergency authorization to treat patients with convalesce sent plasma. dr. nicole saphier joined us earlier to explain what this means. >> convalescent plasma treatment itself is not novel we have been doing it for decades. study out of mayo clinic treated 30,000 patients and showed a modest benefit. jillian: the fda has seen 35 %% inner crease in survival with
4:21 am
the patients treated with plasma. president trump invited to speak about the republican national convention. i spoke with alice marie johnson about the opportunity earlier on "fox & friends first." >> i'm still pinching myself. having a national stage like this to be able to speak to the american people, this is beyond one of the greatest honors that i have received. ainsley: johnson sentenced to life in prison for nonviolent drug charges in 1996. in 2018 president trump granted her clemens and she was released. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: thanks, jillian. coming up the trump administration opportunity zones paying off big times. raising more than $75 billion. scott turner helped drive the white house's plan. he is here to react. that will be next ♪ nothing's going to break my stride ♪ nobody going to slow me down ♪ oh, no, i got to keep on
4:22 am
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ainsley: 442, that's how many karates in a diamond found in africa recently, one of the largest diamonds ever found. this remarkable rock could sell for as much as $18 million. next, $3.9 million. that's how much an autographed rookie card just sold for at auction making the most expensive trading card in history. it broke its previous record of 3.1 million. and finally 24 hours. that is how long krispy kreme first doughnut vending machine will be open. it will dispense three packs of
4:27 am
the chain's signature donuts. delicious. steve: they are great especially when the light is on they are fresh, indeed. thank you, anxiously. the results are in on president trump's opportunity zones created as part of the taxover haul back in 2017. the white house council of economic advisors reports that the tax break has attracted $75 billion in private investment in two years potentially lifting 1 million people out of poverty. plus, a boost in housing values creating $11 billion in new wealth as well. here with the impact of this initiative is the beings tiff director of the white house opportunity and revitalization council and of course former nfl cornerback scott turner. scott, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: it's great to have you. i'm looking at the core ideas that the pain would like donald trump to achieve in a second term and under jobs one is
4:28 am
create 10 million new jobs in 10 months. create 1 million new small businesses and expand opportunity zones and that's your department. so, explain what they are and how they work so well so far. >> thank you. opportunity zones are those census communities in america that see a high poverty rate. low income rate often high crime rate. 864 opportunity zones across our country. these are the communities that have been under served and no investment has been in decades and so we have been working tirelessly over the last year across the country implementing the initiative opportunity zones, public-private partnerships, working with nonprofits, local entities, community leaders see the report launched today giving committed and job creation and new housing
4:29 am
and retail and manufacturing and creation of wealth in our most impoverished communities. i'm very humble and glad that this report is coming out and i hope the american people also will be appreciative of the president's ole 's and work been done by so many. steve: in fact, going forward, scott, the president has essentially an opportunity agenda. and it's not just the opportunity zones. but it's changes to healthcare. more importantly, it's changes with education where people -- wherever you live, would have school choice because going forward, particularly during covid times where it's uncertain whether or not certain schools are going to be open, it would be nice for parents to have the ability to put their kids in a school of their choice. >> well, absolutely, you know, education unlocks the potential for so many young people that are in zip codes and school districts that that are under serving them. we don't want our children across america, throughout america, every ethnicity, every
4:30 am
socioeconomic background. want them to be in prisoner because of their zip code want them to be release and have the opportunity to be taught by the best teachers be it virtual learning and distance learning and in class but to have parents give them a choice so that their children can be or educated and have a tremendous future. steve: surely. scott, exit question, i'm sure you watched if not all of the dnc highlights of the dnc, and for the most part, the message was donald trump is a terrible president and america is going to be grim for the next four years if he is reelected. you have worked for this man for a number of years. can you explain to the folks at home what you have seen because have you worked with many people during your clear career. >> yes, sir. so the president -- president trump has implemented policies for america that have literally unleashed success in so many areas and potential and opportunity for every american be it job creation, be it the economy.
4:31 am
be it education, be it deregulation. and because of these policies, and because of the couric of our president and the administration, and those that work alongside of him, america has seen great prosperity. this is just the beginning. so i encourage the american people look at the policies. look at the things that have been done and opportunity zones is one of many success stories but really we want to continue and helping those people around america to fulfill their god-given potential but it takes policies such as we have been enacting the last four years. i'm excited about what has been done but excited about the future ahead. steve: scott turner joining you from the white house as the rnc kicks off today, thank you very much. >> thank you, appreciate it, steve. steve: you bet. straight ahead president trump says china has a lot to gain if joe wins. >> they own him. and they want mee to lose so badly. if he gets elected, china will own our country. steve: senator josh hawley says china is on joe's side.
4:32 am
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that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy. >> look at the last three and a half years i was the only one took on china. you see intelligence reports say joe biden is working hard to get joe biden elected i have taken billions of dollars of taxes out of china. i gave them to our farmers because they targeted wrongly our farmers. they own joe biden. they own him. and they want me to lose so badly. if he gets elected china will own our country. ainsley: that is the president
4:37 am
last night with steve hilton on the next revolution. and we all watched that last night. we want to bring in missouri's g.o.p. senator josh hawley. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. ainsley: you wall street an op-ed on that very subject on talking about how china and big tech are going to back biden and the harris ticket. why do you think that? >> well, they are already doing it. i mean, they are out there saying big tech is out there saying they love kamala harris and love joe biden. you have the wall street executive and we know the president is right. we know china also wants to see biden elected that's because biden is a pro-china, pro-corporate liberal. he has been his whole career. he voted to get china permanent trade reels. he voted to admit china to the wto. what happened? we lost over 2 million jobs to china because of the biden policies. biden had 8 years with obama to implement his economic policies. what they did was mount a war on the working class. the works class and the middle class they hollowed them out and
4:38 am
that's the when economic polict biden is going to go back to if he gets elected. brian: very hard for the president to run against somebody who says he is going to do one thing but all indications are he is going to do another. that's up to the president to outline his agenda. the other big story what's happening over the weekend that is the house came back to work on a bill that would put 25 billion to the post outside of. of course it's not going to go anywhere. the president will veto it the senate won't okay it. mark meadows wants a skinny bill something more comprehensive. let's livable. >> it has nothing to do with voting. it has everything to do with the political statement. here is how i know because in the privacy of the negotiating room i offered $10 billion plus reforms for the postal service that actually they have been asking for for a long time to speaker pelosi and chuck schumer and when we offered that, there was another thick that came along with that. the postmaster general said he was willing to pay whatever time
4:39 am
that was needed to make sure that we delivered the mail on time first class mail which includes mail-in ballots. so it was not appear issue three weeks ago. brian: so what is she getting at? what's the symbolic vote when we are at a point how now in august where there are a lot of people who need some help flat on heir backs through no fault of their own? >> well, what's happening here the democrats are just trying to weaponize the postal service, brian. that's all there is to it. we had a hearing, the senate had a hearing on friday and homeland security committee that i sit on with the postmaster he says they have got the money and manpower. they have the resources to deliver the mail safely and on time through the election. the post master has already said he won't implement any reforms or measure that will slow down the mail between now and november. and what they need, what the post office needs is long-term reform. but the democrats aren't interested in any of that. this is all an attempt to attack the president to weaponize the
4:40 am
postal service. and we just can't allow it. steve: in fact you know over the last couple of peeks we have seen images of those blue postal boxes being carted off. in my town they took a bunch of them out to replace them with the ones you can't stick a stick with tape on the bought to pull out somebody's paycheck or something like that. anti-phishing mailboxes. during the obama administration they got rid of tens of thousands of boxes, senator. >> exactly. steve: going forward people are a little confused about what is going on. so when you saw the postmaster general on friday deliver his testimony, you know, the democrats are portraying him to be a crony of donald trump. spghtd he just trying to make the post outside of work better? >> he is, absolutely. listen. he wasn't appointed by donald trump. he was selected by a bipartisan
4:41 am
board of governors. the postal service is independently governed. listen to the democrats the postal is out of money trump has bankrupted the postal service. not true $15 billion casual on hand. the most ever in their history right now. they have got the resources to deliver the mail through the election. they are going to need long-term reform and the letter carrier's union and board of governors have put forward proposals. we need to take those up in the new year and look forward to the future. right now there is no cause to weaponize the postal service. that's what the democrats are trying to do just like they have tried to weaponize every part of this government against donald trump for the last four years. they have never accepted him as a legitimate president. this is just the latest sphawment installment and it needs to stop. ainsley: senator, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. janice dean is tracking laura and marco those tropical storms. janice, what's the latest? >> the lightist is we will get a
4:42 am
new advisory 8 a.m. marco is weakening. that's the good news. we don't expect to to make landfall. the storm could hug the coast towards texas and might not even really make a landfall. that's something we are going to have to watch. storm surge, heavy rainfall. even tornadoes will be an issue. this is a small storm so it's going to, you know, not really impact people too greatly. laura is the one we have to watch for. there is the latest track of marco 8:00 a.m. advisory coming up shortly. impact we think later this afternoon through the evening and then into tomorrow we will have to watch that heavy rainfall certainly along the path of this storm and that could potentially set up for a flooding disaster as laura moves its way up towards louisiana and texas. incredible that we are going to see two named storms impacting louisiana in just a matter of hours. so there is your future radar. we also are still seeing the
4:43 am
potential for heavy rain for parts of mississippi and alabama and georgia into the florida panhandle. all along the gulf coast you need to be keeping an eye on marco and laura. here is laura and get update 8:00 a.m. as well. the problem with this storm it has a lot of warm water in its path. you werupper level winds.48 houg a landfall between texas and louisiana. although i must say that this forecast is uncertain until it gets into the gulf of mexico. we will get a better handle on exact timing and location and intensity as we go further out in time but the bottom line is laura is going to be the main event wednesday into thursday and friday so mar marco pregamet laura is the one that could
4:44 am
potentially be very dangerous and deadly as well. back to you steve, ainsley and brian. brian: thanks, janice. we will be back. meanwhile go over to jillian mele following the non-weather related news. >> a florida sheriff is seconding a woman who shot and killed a home intruder. >> you have the right to protect yourself in your home and to be free from home invaders to stop them permanently. >> sheriff saying the intruder was trying to get his girlfriend to leave with him when he used a tire iron to smash a window. the woman who owns the house pulled out her handgun killing him. texas governor greg abbott is calling for a tea party to be fired over assignment lesson on the bill of rights, protest and freedom of speech. the i can district saying does not condone images.
4:45 am
opposite what should be taught. the teacher should be fired. a priest discovers he was improper live baptized 30 years ago. meaning the holy sack yesmentses he performed were invalid the archdiocese says the deacon who baptized matthew hood messed up one word he said we baptize instead of i baptize. hood has been a pastor sings 2017. the church is trying to contact sacraments from him for a possible do-over. adorable delivery dog. l.a. giving curbside delivery a new meaning as she helped her owner and chick i chick-fil-a ct list. wonder how ellie does it meaning not to deliver entire bag. deliveries are one of her favorite things to do. evidence cannot promise if i had
4:46 am
to deliver french fries that they would major it to the right. owner. steve: ultimate doggy bag. kamala harris hand sitting down for first interview for the democratic ticket. mollie hemingway said three things stuck out to her. what are they? find out next ♪ ♪ there you go making me feel like a kid do, do. ♪ ♪ alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need.
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4:50 am
s. >> let's bring it home and he is. >> [inaudible] a two-time winner of the indianapolis 500. >> there you have it sato wins
4:51 am
his second incorporatedy 500. the race ending under caution after a terrifying crash. slamming into a barricade with five laps to go. is he out of the hop. no fans in the stand. johnson now number one in the world after a strong finish in the northern trust. the golfer reclaiming the top spot after winning by 11 strokes. his performance as close to unbeatable as he has ever been. that is something i could never do. brian? brian: thanks, jillian. former vice president joe biden and kamala harris giving joint interview democratic ticket taking a jab at president trump. >> there is a fundamental difference between donald trump and me on the issue of race across the board. i'm not going to -- i'm not going to try to divide people. it's all about bringing people together. brian: here to break it all down top take aways from the interview as she saw it fox news
4:52 am
contributor at the federalist mollie hemingway. welcome back. >> great to be here with you. brian: the first selection that you chose that you wanted us to focus on is joe biden when asked about defund the police tell us your stance. >> president trump says you want to defund the police. do you? [laughter] >> do you. >> no i don't. he proposes i don't want to defund police departments i think they need more help. they need more assistance. brian: okay. you have a problem with that response? >> well, it's interesting that when he was first asked about defunding the police he did agree with the goal of moving funds away from the police to other organizations and now he is trying to walk away from that. but more interesting, i think, is what we didn't hear at the democratic national convention or in this debate last night. right now you have riots going across the country, last night kekenosha erupted erupted in fl.
4:53 am
you didn't hear a single comment from anyone at the democratic party at their convention about the violence and assaults happening in cities across the country. it the media had claimed this was supposed to be reaching out to moderates and did a good job. i don't see how you can accomplish that without even mildly addressing these riots. brian: i don't know what he is talking about the president cutting out half a million dollars from police number one and police unions aren't buying it because they are siding with the president. is he going to alienate a lot of democrats, a lot of progressives by saying he is not going to reimagine and defund the police. let's see what they do. meanwhile, you also pointed out the difference between what the vice president nominee says now as opposed to what said earlier by which she didn't say on this. here she is talking about how her foot is the injustices in america if you are a minority as opposed to white. >> what is hurtful to me is that
4:54 am
black families own one tenth of the wealth of white families. what is hurtful to me is that black and latinos are twice as likely to die from covid as white families. what's hurtful to me is there are real racial disparities that are rooted in systemic racism. brian: it's what she didn't say in that answer is what alerted you? >> well, what's interesting. this is a question about how she could have cop demed joe biden so harshly just a few months ago on racial issues and now she is running on the same ticket as him. it is very common during primaries for people to fight with each other. that is totally norm normal. usually you aren't running on the same ticket as those you vo sis russly explained. or how you believe the people that awz good him of sexual assault or think he has this horrible track record on racial
4:55 am
i. what kamala harris is trying to do is avoid answering the question. it's a good question. i think the moment she can answer the question people will move on from it. she has not answered the question. brian: they are going to go back and play the kidnap and make her respond. we will see if that happens. meanwhile, joe biden doesn't leave his basement. still hasn't left even after the convention yet, president trump is traveling all around the question david muir gave him was are you ever going to leave? listen. >> but can you win a presidential election from home? >> we will. we're going to follow the science. i have left my basement. but on the meantime, 500 million people have watched what i have done out of my basement. and guess what? people are listening. people are listening. it's about being responsible. brian: is he being responsible? is that how you read that? >> this is his biggest vulnerability. there is a real lack of enthusiasm for joe biden. he could get away with june and
4:56 am
july staying in hits basement at some point he has to start campaigning. he has less enthusiasm than any two previous candidates who lost hillary clinton and mitt romney. they had enthusiasm problems. he has to figure out a way to win. brian: we saw what happened in unscripted situations he blew up twice in two days. see if he gets off prompter and out of his wait a minute if he can with stand the pressure let alone the debates. holly hemmingway, thank you very much. >> thank you. brian: tim classic and -- same couple vilified for defending heir home as protesters marched on their property will speak at the rnc tonight.
4:57 am
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crest. >> tech: when you've got ...safelite can come to you. >> tech: and you'll get a text when we're on our way. >> tech: just leave your keys on the dash and we'll replace your windshield with safe, no-contact service. >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ hours f now the republican national convention gets under way. >> so the overall theme for the convention honoring the great american story. >> if president trump is re-elected and he will be we can expect more growth. >> i want to take a look at joe biden's america take a look at portland. >> can you win a presidential election from home? >> we will. >> so when you hear the president say this guy is afraid to leave his basement, guess what? >> i have left my basement. [laughter] >> it's like during the democratic convention where joe biden wouldn't go anywhere the president traveled this country. that's what we need a leader not afraid to get out there. >> james comey sounding off on
5:01 am
the investigation into the origins of the russia probe. >> i'm not worried at all about that investigation. >> the fact that he hasn't been talked to i think is actually a scary prospect for the former fbi director. >> briefing for possible one- two punch from tropical storms marco and laura. >> we're concerned with marco but laura is going to be a very big danger. perhaps strengthening to a major hurricane. >> ♪ ♪ ainsley: it's maybe an hour north is that city, it is charlotte, north carolina, a gorgeous place we all thought we be there. brian: what's their address maybe everyone wants to stop by. ainsley: please don't please don't so yeah, we were supposed to be in charlotte this morning we were, it's so interesting that this has been a different year, but we're still -- brian: i don't know what you mean by that or what you're
5:02 am
referring to. ainsley: today is the kickoff of the rnc. democrats had their chance last week and now republicans get there's this week. steve: you mean in jacksonville? ainsley: they were going to be charlotte then jacksonville than back to charlotte. steve: it does kickoff today thank you very much for joining us today with the pregame show, mark meredith is actually live in the town ainsley is talking about with a preview of day one of the rnc from clt. mark? ainsley: it's pretty, right, mark? >> reporter: steve, ainsley it sure is. tell your mom where we are right now. ainsley: my aunt is a little closer. >> i'll take anything at this point. good morning, to you guys. as you can imagine this is not going to be the normal convention that anyone thought we were going to see but there are still going to be some elements at least that will look familiar to what people saw four years ago in cleveland that's that role call vote where delegates have the chance to to renominate the president and vice president a little bit later on this morning some 300 delegates from all 50 states and
5:03 am
territories they have made their way here to north carolina for this official business the number of delegates was scaled down a little bit but the chairwarm of the rnc says it was important they still try to do their business here on the ground in north carolina. >> the delegates will meet in person it's not virtual. you have a role call indiana person. it's going to be historic. we've never had anything like this but the excitement is just as strong as a regular convention. >> reporter: we also have a better idea of what the theme is this week honoring the great american story and each night you'll see a variation of that theme including today the land of promise and then wrapping up on thursday with the land of greatness. later tonight after the official business wraps up here on the ground in north carolina, we're going to be seeing those speeches and they are from a number of high profile republicans names you probably recognize like senator tim scott of south carolina, house minority whip steve scalise, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley, donald trump jr. and the
5:04 am
rnc chairwoman who you just heard from and we're also getting a better idea of what president trump would hope to be accomplished if re-elected for a second term the campaign putting out a better blueprint of what a second term would look like including a focus on more jobs, obviously combating the coronavirus, bringing back more manufacturing, cutting prescription drug prices, defend ing and fully funding law enforcement, something the president has talked about quite a bit. there have been a few protests in charlotte over the weekend but no major incidents that we know of overnight and health screening is underway. we just actually got our wrist band a few minutes ago indicating that we had our temperatures checked and for the delegates going in guys they had to make sure they took a covid test before showing up here in charlotte. steve, ainsley and brian, and ainsley's family back to you guys. ainsley: i just talked to lynn and robert they live in rock hill they are bringing you coffee. brian: how do you like it, mark? steve: free. >> reporter: i'll take anything. irish or dark. whatever. ainsley: if you go right over the border down to south carolina, thank you, mark, in
5:05 am
south carolina we have obviously two senators lindsey graham and tim scott, and tim scott was talking about what president trump would do if he is re-elected and he is actually speaking at the rnc as well. listen to tim scott. >> i think a fantastic conventional week long, tomorrow night i'll focus on growth, hope , and opportunity. if you looked at last weeks democrat convention you left shaking your head. what do they believe in? here is what we'll do. we'll focus on growth. the trump adminitration pre- covid-19 created 7 million jobs and they did it in an inclusive way, the lowest unemployment rate on record for african americans, hispanics , asians, 70 year low for women. we're going to talk about the importance of school choice and quality education, in every corridor of this country and finally, opportunity. brian: it's very interesting because tim scott's been the president's supporters but when the president says something he doesn't agree with, he manages to be able to talk to
5:06 am
him about it and a lot of times fix it and when you talk about 2024, and people talk about, you know, maybe rick scott and people talk about obviously maybe mike pompeo, or others like nikki haley keep your eye on tim scott. i mean that's how impressive he's been on the national stage especially as we try to get something positive out of the george floyd murder as we try to find out how that's going to end up. meanwhile, joe biden finally sat down and tried to drill home what he tried to say for four days the democrats tried to say for four days and that is that president trump is not up for the job, he can't do the job , and he's done a terrible job. the question is will joe biden actually get out of his house and compete for the job? listen. >> but can you win a presidential election from home? >> we will. we're going to follow the science. what the science is telling us. we've been able to travel places when we've been able to do it in a way that we don't cause the
5:07 am
congregation of large number s of people. look what happens, what's happened with his events. people die. people get together. they don't wear a mask. they end up getting covid. they end up dying. >> so when you hear the president say this guy is afraid to leave his basement, guess what? >> [laughter] i have left my basement and but here, on the meantime, 500 million people have watched what i've done out of my basement, and guess what? people are listening. brian: i have no idea where he got that number from but let's say it is correct. the president not only goes to events he goes to places goes to see manufacturing and see what's going on in terms of recovering from the coronavirus. it's one person has a party that's going to knock on doors they say responsibly. the democrats will not knock on doors, so we're going to really find out what's effective campaigning in the future one way or another and the other thing to keep in mind too, the president has got to go out and set an agenda and i'll know that joe biden, the polls are closed if joe biden actually leaves his basement, because
5:08 am
right now, i believe he thinks he already won. i think the democrats are playing like they've already got this thing, why take a risk. steve: do you know what brian he's left his basement. he's at his beach house so there's going to be a different approach to the rnc with the a posing party and of course during the dnc, the republicans fanned out the president did all sorts of addresses each and every day for counterprogramming. the biden campaign, he's going to be out in delaware, and he is going to absolutely say nothing it appears, which actually, is kind of what rudy giuliani said to us about an hour ago. the democrats said absolutely nothing about the issues if joe got the job. last week, watch here he is. >> he's going to talk in detail about how he wants to lower taxes, continue to streamline regulations. we have a very very uplifting message to give the american people. we could be as great as we want
5:09 am
to be. we don't have to be a socialist country like europe. we don't have to be a country that, you know, has a riot a day we could be a safe country. we could be the most prosperous country in the world and the strongest military power on earth. steve: tonight starting at 8:30 we'll see how the republicans countered the dnc message because last week the message was grim if donald trump is re-elected americas going to go straight into the toilet where it currently is according to what they said. what the president needs to do is because people are exhausted, they are exhausted from this covid and the pandemic, he needs to give people hope. why should we give him four more years? the message starts tonight, ainsley. ainsley: we showed a story about christmas and we were all thinking gosh we're all really going to enjoy celebrating christmas this year because its just been such a tough and interesting year for everyone. brian: we'll all order from amazon because we're not allowed
5:10 am
to go to the mall. ainsley: you're right. the campaign ad calling out the failures of baltimore's democratic leaders going viral, and earning a shoutout from president trump. >> baltimore has been run by the democrat party for 53 years. what is the result of their decades of leadership? baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in america brian: wow the congressional candidate behind that ad, now sit to speak at tonight's rnc. indication, kim on getting this but the spot certainly earned this , you earned this spot, because i think republicans have just given up trying to run urban america. they have not tried so the democrats have been able to do whatever they wanted. how are you going to change things? >> well first of all thank you so much and thank you for having me. steve: good morning. >> that's actually what i'm speaking about tonight in my speech. we can't write-off these cities. a lot of people think that in the inner city people vote down
5:11 am
ballot for democrats, but you know, they don't really have any options that come into play. i've asked people all the time, you know, what do we have to do to make you vote for republican or at least consider us and they always say, you know, you're the first republican i've ever met. and so that part is in my speech , you know, i'm going to be talking about how we have to go into these communities, roll up our sleeves and offer real results. steve: so in other words, you're going to offer a warning, if you want what happened to baltimore to happen all across the country , elect joe biden is that what you're going to say? >> pretty much, yeah, basically you know, we do, i'm going to talk about law and order and talk about the importance of opportunity zones within the inner cities which president trump has on his agenda. there's a lot of things to offer , and baltimore city desperately needs career opportunities. i talk about what we went through during the lockdown, the pandemic lockdown, how we had to rely on other countries for ppe. in obama administration city we have the largest second largest
5:12 am
port in the country. we can bring that medical equipment industry into the u.s. and why not back into baltimore. ainsley: where is that campaign ad if people want to see it? >> it's kimkfor and then it's on social media. i'm sure it'll pop-up. it's definitely north watching. i'll shows you the reality of the streets of baltimore. so joe biden was interviewed and he was asked whether or not he felt pressure to pick a black woman for his runningmate. listen to this. >> no, i didn't feel pressure to select a black woman but what i do think is that the government should look like the people. look like the country. 51% of the people in this country are women and in order to be able to succeed, you've got to be dealt in across-the-board, and no matter what you say, you can not, i can not understand and fully appreciate what it means to walk in her shoes, to be an african
5:13 am
americans woman with an indian american background, child of immigrants. she can't assume exactly what it's like to walk in my shoes, but we do know that we have the same value set. ainsley: kim what's your reaction? >> yeah, i find it interesting joe biden has been in office for almost 50 years now and he's never said anything like this until now he's running for the office of the president. so i find that very interesting, but i think he did succomb to the mob honestly right before he chose kamala harris or even just announced it there was a hashtag trending on twitter, win with black woman and i think that was to push them in the right direction but then also if you noticed kamala harris identifies as just indian american, and now all of a sudden she identifies at african american, so that is to go along with this win with black women which i think people want to see on the left so i find it interesting. i'm not calling him a liar but i'm just not believing it. brian: kim good luck tonight. fun event.
5:14 am
no live audience but a lot of people will be watching thank you very much best of luck. >> thank you so much. brian: meanwhile 13 minutes after the top of the hour, i believe if i could tell time. ainsley: [laughter] brian: which i think comes next. turning to extreme weather preparations underway in the gulf coast right now is back to back storms head towards the u.s.. steve: that's right people keeping an eye to the sky down south, tropical storm marco expected to make landfall today, with tropical storm laura not far behind. laura leaving at least 11 people dead in haiti and the dominican republic over the weekend. ainsley: janice dean joins us with a new update. hey, janice. >> janice good morning. marco is weaker which is great news, not expecting hurricanes. laura is expected to potentially be a very big deal over the next couple of days all along the gulf coast, you need to be paying close attention because we still don't know the exact track, the exact location where landfall will be for laura and
5:15 am
what intensity, so that's going to be the big storm and the big story. now, incredible that we're going to see both of these storms crossing over each other, right hook and a left hook is exactly what's going to happen. tropical storm marco 50-mile per hour sustained winds with gusts of 70 miles per hour the showers and thunderstorms are away from the center of the storm. we're actually getting quite a bit of heavy rain along the coast of alabama and mississippi and the florida panhandle as well as georgia. we are expecting a potential landfall later on this afternoon into this evening, and then, things start to get dangerous. obviously, marco is going to cause some flash flooding and the potential for storm surge and even tornadoes the risk there but it's a small storm and weakening as it makes landfall. laura has a lot of warm water in its way, and the potential for an environment that will promote strengthening, okay? so not out of the question to have our first major hurricane
5:16 am
in the gulf of mexico, so there is tropical storm laura and we are expecting it to make its way into the gulf as a strong category 2 borderline category 3 storm, we think anywhere between louisiana and texas we still have a few days to watch this , but really the whole gulf coast needs to monitor laura over the next couple of days. i can't stress it enough this one might be something we need to pay very very close attention to. so marco obviously watching that imminently. laura much bigger threat as we get into the middle of the week. back to you, steve, ainsley, brian. brian: a lot of news stories going on while the rnc is happening thanks so much meanwhile jillian mele is following other breaking news including this alert. >> reporter: that's right good morning so let's begin with a fox news alert. overnight, protests erupt in wisconsin after a black man is shot by police. people seen crashing windows and setting several trucks on fire this comes after video appears to show officers following jacob
5:17 am
blake as he approaches his car. when he opens the door he is shot several times in the back. witnesses say blake was trying to break up a fight when police arrived. he is in serious condition. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave and we will have a live report from wisconsin later this hour. firefighters are bracing for storms that the could spark new wildfires at least seven people have been killed in california. more than 1 million-acres have already burned military planes and the national guard now assisting exhausted firefighters this as we learn a firefighter on the frontlines is robbed. police say a looter stole a wallet from a truck and drained the account. officials calling act sickening. the feds expect to introduce new covid-19 testing rules for nursing homes this week. according to the new york post the new rollout hads is to prevent a massive amount of deaths like what happened in new york. it requires facilities to offer tests to patients. if anyone contracts the virus and report the test results.
5:18 am
governor cuomo issuing a ruling barring nursing homes from turning away patients positive with coronavirus. the state seeing at least 6,500 covid-19 nursing home deaths. those are your headlines i'll send it back to you. steve: jillian, thank you. you know that st. louis couple facing felony charges for simply exercising their second amendment rights while protecting their home from posts they're going to speak at the rnc tonight so what is their message to american voters let's talk to them, mark and patricia mcclosky join us live from the gateway city. good morning both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: it's good to have you so patricia i would imagine your message is look what happened to us. we were simply protecting our homes. we went and got our guns. we didn't do anything illegal, and yet a prosecutor has charged you with a felony. right? >> in a quiet neighborhood, you
5:19 am
think you have a right to defend yourself and your family and it's shocking that we're still having the fallout and we're being pursued and we will have years of having this follow us. steve: yeah, no kidding. mark, you know, i know the president has talked about this. he's call and said that the prosecutor who charged you, it was an extreme abuse of power. why did they charge you? >> well, you know, the city of st. louis has been absolutely controlled by democrats forever, and the city of st. louis is a very dangerous place normally. i'm going to just show you the headline from yesterday's post dispatch. this is a newspaper running character a sausages articles on us since the event on june 28 and yet the city of st. louis is a remarkably dangerous place and the lack of law and order and the lawlessness is something which is, you know, out of
5:20 am
control in this country now, but i think that they are just protecting themselves this is a prosecutor who has a remarkably low prosecution rate, remark remarkably low conviction rate and i think she's just trying to make an example out of anybody willing to stand up against the inherent lawlessness and violence in st. louis. steve: and patricia, didn't the peaceful protesters, weren't they trespassing and there was a story early that they had broken one of the gates and so it's like all you did was according to the governor, or the attorney general, you're protected under missouri's castle doctrine. you can go and get your gun to protect your home because you felt threatened and they broke the law, right? >> oh, absolutely. it's the law. they broke the gate down, they broke it open and then broke the remaining what was left of it down to the ground, an iron fence, and came in and started screaming threats from the beginning. they had weapons.
5:21 am
they had fire material and they proceeded down the road. eventually they got to the mayor 's house which is not on our street, and tried to set fire to her house with fireworks and made a disaster of the neighborhood there all night steve: right. mark, i don't want to steal your thunder tonight we want to see your speech but in a nutshel what are you going to say? >> you know, we have a god- given right to defend ourselves at the right of self- defense is one of the most basic civil rights and one of the most basic human rights and that the world, you can not have freedom and an opportunity to advance unless you have basic safety and security, and that it's not just limited big cities they're bringing it to a neighborhood near you. steve: that is a scary message. we'll be watching. mark and patricia, thank you very much for joining us from st. louis. >> thank you, steve.
5:22 am
>> thank, steve. steve: you bet, all right coming up mayor bill deblasio on the verge of dealing a historic blow to new york city tenants, manhattan's oldest restaurants survive the revolutionary war and a hurricane but worries that indoor dining could do them in. soccer practices... ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together. because missing menb vaccination could mean missing out on a whole lot more. ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert chaos in wisconsin after a black man is shot by police. officers firing tear gas. cassidy williams from our fox affiliate in milwaukee joins us live with a look at all of the damage. cassidy? >> reporter: good morning. it was around 3:00 this morning that we saw we were by the courthouse saw in the distance a large fire, and this is what was on fire. this car lot. you can see so many cars destroyed. i can't even count this car lot
5:27 am
left just destroyed. several businesses set on fire here in kenosha, for reference if you don't know where it is it's about an hour south of milwaukee, about an hour north of chicago right in the middle nice lakefront community people from both cities kind of come to vacation, also people live here, and so this all this unrest started when an officer-involved shooting happened last night around 5 and it was all captured on cell phone video. the video shows a black man walking away from police officer s walking around a vehicle. it appears he opens the front door, you can hear the screaming and the chaos there. once he gets to the front door we freeze the video because after that point, a number of gun shots are heard on the video that man was then taken to the hospital, at last check, we're told he was in serious condition , and that led to a night of unrest with fires being set, garbage trucks put out to try to block streets were set on fire, police cars were smashed, businesses were looted and now that the sun is up we're now
5:28 am
just starting to get a look at just exactly how much damage is left behind here in kenosha. live in kenosha, cassidy william s, fox 6 news. ainsley: thank you, cassidy okay brian over to you. brian: 27 minutes after the hour in its 300 years new york cities oldest restaurant has withstood the revolutionary war and recovered from devastating flooding and hurricane sandy. you know that. now, its latest threat is coming directly from its own city leadership. >> indoor dining is not a plan right now. there's not a context for indoor dining. we're never saying it's impossible, but we do not based on what we seen around the world , we do not have a plan for reopening indoor dining in the near term. brian: can you imagine your fate tied to that man? the owners of this tavern fear the mayor's indoor seating ban will force it to close its doors for good. unbelievable, eddie traverse is
5:29 am
with us to talk about this. what has it been like, really, so the last six months, for you guys? eddie? >> honestly, it's like the titanic at the moment, now we're looking at the end of october, and closing it again, unless something changes with indoor dining. brian: people should understand what kind of tavern we're talking about. we're talking about a tavern that was there prior to the war. we're talking ability a tavern that was across the street from what we first now know as the white house. a tavern on the third floor george washington got his offices together and said to them congratulations on beating the british. they've withstood the test of time. why is this so tough? >> i know. and that's exactly what we do and it's really about the experience that we offer to, you know, our new yorkers and
5:30 am
around the world, and we're not just, it's not just serving food and drinks, but it's offering the experience, and you know, while we have been open for outdoor dining, a lot of our guests are really wanting to try and get back into the historic building. it's the oldest-standing structure in manhattan, and you know, we also offer 9,000 square feet indoors and it's something we could definitely as we could speak to the mayor, the mayor would like to speak to the industry people and you know, explain to us exactly what we need to do and what guidelines that we can take to even partially reopen, particularly we're very lucky with the space that we do have but we could definitely, you know, create a safe environment for our guests. brian: absolutely people who have been there you can do it and guess what he knows it because the governor sent over monitors and they pull liquor
5:31 am
licenses for people on long island in westchester and up state who weren't abiding by these new rules. there ronald regan 25,000 eateri es in the city all shut down. 1,200 have filed for bankruptcy, 500 restaurants could not pay their leases in july and they have not given you a reason why you can't open, and long island and westchester and the rest of the country can. eddie? how frustrated are you right now >> we're very frustrated, you know, we just need for the mayor to state what the issues are when it comes to indoor dining if it's bad air quality, if he was to give us a plan, we would take care of that. you know, we have looked into hv ac systems to make the air quality right as business owners we can't make that investment unless we're told that when we make that investment we be left to open.
5:32 am
brian: and that's what happens when you're a mayor and never had a real job and never had employees depend on you, and then in new york city, there are thousands of people who are waiting for restaurants to open so they can go back to work, final thought? >> yes, it is and obviously we have a very minimum staff back with us as well, and they all have families to feed, rents to pay, and, you know, i do think that there's a lot of suffering because of this and as eddie said come october we don't have a plan. we don't know what's next other than shutting our doors. we can't survive on to-go or takeouts. brian: and you guys belong to the country too. the country needs fraunces tavern to open. hopefully somebody is listening and they can help everybody in
5:33 am
new york city especially you guys. thanks so much. >> thanks. brian: coming up straight ahead, joe biden shifts further to the left former president trump says he's not that different and dan bongino is a lot different from joe biden and barack obama. he's next.
5:34 am
5:35 am
5:36 am
5:37 am
ainsley: good morning to you. it is 8:37 here on the east coast let's bring in dan bongino , fox news contributor former secret service agent and former nypd officer, good morning to you, dan. rnc starts today, president obama was interviewed about biden and bernie, and said you know, actually, they're not that different. he said this is for the new yorker. he said if you look at joe biden 's goals and bernie sanders ' goals they're not that different from a 40,000-foot level. they both want to make sure
5:38 am
everybody has healthcare, a lot of times the issue has to do with how do we get about that? and what are the coalitions we need? what i think the moment has done is to change some of these calculations. not because necessarily joe biden's changed but because circumstances have changed. what's your reaction? >> i'm stunned obama finally tells the truth. listen here is the rule number one of public policy. it's that people are politics and people are policy. in other words who do you surround yourself with is in fact your policy, especially with the growth of regulatory state where people can just interpret what the law is. so if people or policy who is joe biden surrounding himself with, right? what people. well he's got bernie sanders running the economy. he's got aoc running his environmental policy, so we've got the green new deal advocate out there. i mean listen obama is not kidding. this is going to be the most radical left administration in modern american history and
5:39 am
anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you and keep in mind , biden is an empty vessel. he's a blank slate, meaning all of these radical leftists he has surrounding him write on him like a blackboard and just put on him all of these taxes and environmental policies a total disaster anyone telling you otherwise is simply lying to you brian: dan unless the president can prove it, it's going to be a lot tougher fight. he's got to show that joe biden is the agenda he's speaking about is not the agenda he will govern with meanwhile let's switch gears to another area of your expertise and that is the probe into what happened in 2016. so we know john durham spent a lot of quality time with john brennan on friday, over an hour. he's not spoken to comey yet and when comey was asked if he's a target of the probe, listen to what he said. >> i can't imagine that i'm a target. i saw the news report that john brennan was a witness. given that i know what happened
5:40 am
during 2016 which was a bunch of people trying to do the right thing connell: with the law, i'm not worried at all about that investigation of the investigation. next i'm sure will be an investigation of the investigation of the investigation. they just want to have an investigation to talk about. brian:hmmm, your witness, dan. do you think he should be worried? >> you know, i wonder sometimes is this man a socio socio path? is he not, can he not see the evidence in front of him of his malfeasance? brian, the man was in charge of the fbi in january of 2017. when they interviewed christopher steele's only witness, the primary source, on the pp stuff and the sick dossier stuff they interview the guy. the guy tells comey's fbi listen this is all hearsay, bar talk, totally unverified. some of it, he says, i didn't even say that, and comey runs with it anyway. not only that, think about this.
5:41 am
basically the only person making allegations against trump that used to spy on trump they were all fake and the guy said it so instead of comey saying hey america i really apologize, this is sociopath ic behavior but think about this , right? they had four main targets let's go through a few of them. mike flynn they charged with lying although the fbi says he showed no signs of deception right? paul manafortathey had a case they already closed years ago. george papadopoulos even though he's on tape saying this russia stuff is nonsense, i mean what other evidence do you need that comey is a total liar? he started cases against people he had absolutely no case against. it's completely ridiculous that he keeps denying this. steve: and do you know what else we also know that joe biden was in the oval office when they were talking about, you know, the logan act and going after these guys, so let's see what
5:42 am
sticks, and see if mr. durham will have a report before we go to the post office to mail our ballots. meanwhile, dan, because the rnc is kicking off today, actually, they are going to start voting here within the hour down in charlotte, they should be done by 1:00, what does the president and his team need to get to the american people over the next four nights to win him another four years of owning the keys to air force one? >> you know, i think he had a great first start. i noticed this morning his campaign communications put out a kind of contract with america. listen, people like that. he put out a battle plan going forward. he's a businessman. everybody knows what a contract means and he put out the principles he's going to establish in a second term. big thing, steve and issues that appeal to smaller groups but mean a lot. everything from school choice, to expanding tax cuts, to more regulatory reform. these are things america needs
5:43 am
to hear, and remember, it worked for newt gingrich back in the day. people enjoy looking at it on paper what they're going to see and one more thing. unlike joe biden he has a record to back it up and say i'm going to do regulatory form didn't i tell you that before? look at all the red tape. i say i'm going to do tax cuts in my second term? did you get a tax cut? yes you did. he's got all of this stuff to back it up so that's what the he has to do layout an agenda. it doesn't need to be mitt romney's 7,000 page white paper manifesto. just needs to be a set of guiding principles saying i did it before and i'll do it again. just get me back in the white house. ainsley: dan thanks for joining us. >> thanks, guys always fun. thanks. steve: you bet. ainsley: janice is tracking two storms. >> janice: yup, and marco is going to make landfall, we think , in the next few hours, towards the dinnertime hour or at least coming close hugging
5:44 am
the coastline. the good news is the storm is weakening, and it will continue to weaken as it moves closer to land. 50-mile per hour sustained winds it's not expected to become a hurricane. we don't have any hurricane watches or warnings for louisiana and wisconsin, and you can see that's the latest track. we do think it potentially could make a landfall central louisiana in the next several hours, and then it's going to continue to move towards texas bringing heavy rainfall, which is going to set it up for the possibility of flash flooding as the next storm moves in, this is laura, and that is going to potentially be a bigger event than marco so there is the future radar, again we'll see widespread showers and thunderstorms not only for louisiana but through mississippi, alabama, georgia, and the florida panhandle. here is laura and we get a new update at 11 a.m., south of cuba , the less it interacts with land the more time it will have with water and the upper level winds become more favorable for
5:45 am
development so we could certainly see a major hurricane as it moves closer to louisiana and texas, wednesday through thursday, the exact landfall intensity and the track is something we'll have to watch especially over the next few days all along the gulf coast need to be paying attention to laura. back to you steve, ainsley and brian. brian: all right thanks so much janice. now to jillian to find out what jillian is working on. >> reporter: good morning so let's start your headlines with this. scott peterson is expected to find out today if he will get a new trial. the convicted killer appealing his case from death row to california supreme court. peterson's lawyers claim he wasn't given a fair trial because of all of the media coverage found guilty of killing his wife and their unborn baby back in 2002 sentenced to death in 2005. north korean leader kim jong-un is reportedly in a coma. a former south korean dim lower class matt claims the dictator is seriously ill and his sister
5:46 am
is about to take charge of the country. back in april, he was reportedly in grave danger after botched heart surgery. he has made limited public appearances, in the last few months. look at this , two teachers in florida found a way to make social distancing a little less scary for their first grade students. they designed their desks to look like jeeps. plastic dividers function as the car's windshields and windows. teachers say students can't wait to take their desk for a drive when they return on wednesday. i think that's such a great idea send it back to you. steve: it can't hurt get them interested thank you very much, jillian. coming up on our monday telecast , joe biden did not mention nationwide violence during his convention acceptance speech, and our next guest says president trump should exploit that, when he takes the stage. but first you know whose going to take the stage in 14 minutes? that woman right there. good morning to you. >> sandra: steve good morning to you we are gearing up for a very busy start to the week here the republican national convention gets underway moments
5:47 am
from now, live from charlotte, north carolina, chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will gavel in shortly after roll call will begin and president trump and vice president mike pence will be speaking later on. bret baier and martha mccallum will be joining us throughout the morning plus the postmaster general will be giving testimony on another hearing on capitol hill this time before a house committee and twin tropical storms bear down on the gulf coast a live update on the storm 's paths coming up we will see you live from america's news room, good monday morning to you top of the hour.
5:48 am
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and, even get notifications with breaking news alerts and more. with the xfinity sports zone everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, awesome. say xfinity sports zone into your voice remote today. jeff: good morning welcome back. the epa will give american
5:52 am
airlines the go ahead to use a surface coating that kills coronavirus. it kills the virus within two hours on surfaces, and keeps killing for up to a week. americans can only use it on planes originating their flights out of texas. and dozens of false positive covid-19 tests in the nfl all linked to the very same lab. the league asking bioreference of new jersey to investigate 77 tests for 11 different teams were rerun overnight, reportedly coming back negative. the chicago bears new york jets and minnesota vikings all reported high numbers of positive results. ainsley? ainsley: thanks, jillian. well, new york, chicago and philadelphia just some of the major u.s. cities seeing a sharp increase in shooting incidents this year, yet democratic presidential nominee joe biden didn't make a single mention of growing crime in his dnc acceptance speech as republicans gear up to take the stage this week our next guest argues trump ought to exploit biden's hesitation to slam violence from radical left. new york post columnist and fox
5:53 am
news contributor michael goodwin joins us now. good morning, i read your op-ed and you said that the republican s can actually use this as an opportunity to talk about law and order and address the violence. explain that. >> well look, biden's decision not to say anything about it and frankly nobody said anything about it in the four days of the democratic convention, i think is an opening for trump and the republicans to stand up to the cities to stand up for the innocent people in these cities and you know, ainsley, it's not just the crime is of course the most serious, but it's the homelessness, the tent cities popping up everywhere and you call the police, they don't always come. i mean, there's a real urban crisis going on here and i think this is an opportunity for the republicans to explain why cities matter. i mean, from the cultural institutions, to the financial powerhouses, to the employment that many corporations provide in cities, to all the service
5:54 am
industries that provide hundreds of thousands of jobs in each and every city, this is all beginning to be threatened now, by this violence, the homeless surge suddenly, the fact that the police clearly seem to be in the retreat. you add all of this up and you have an urban crisis, and for the nominee of a major american political party to say nothing about it is an incredible dereliction of duty on the democrat's part but the president also has to handle it in the right way and it has to be about defending the america that built the great economy and everything. the cities are key to so much and to let them go down the tube this way, not to argue back, not to push back, not to sum on the public, to get involved, to elect officials who will clean up these cities, the fact that all of them are run by
5:55 am
democrats or most of them is why one of the reasons, anyway, why the democrats did not mention it. they be alienating their key political allies, but meanwhile, the people in those cities are suffering. ainsley: yeah, you're right the president should ask the tv audience, would you buy a home today in portland, seattle, chicago, or new york knowing you and your family stand a good chance of being victims of crime and the police might not show up what do you think about taxes with so many people moving out with businesses closing, and without that tax base, how are these cities going to get any money or make money in order to fund their government projects? >> yeah, i mean, that's one reason why -- ainsley: taxes are going up, right? >> of course that's also why the democrats want to bail out the city, without really any reform, so yes, everyone in new york and all these cities is looking at large tax hikes which will further drive out the population, it's already fleeing in huge numbers.
5:56 am
ainsley: michael what about the emotions because when i was watching the dnc there were emotional sound bites stories that were really touching. how much does that resonate with the voter? >> yeah, look i think emotion is a very big part of a convention, very big part of the television presentation. you have to give them ideas but you also have to give them the feeling. ainsley: and look at the issues thanks so much it's in the new york post. good to see you. >> thank you. ainsley: more fox & friends moments away. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides... your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this.
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>> all right, you're looking at the intread ip on the west side of manhattan. rnc program in 30 minutes. we'll have the post-game show for night one tomorrow morning. see you then. >> sandra: fox news alert. very busy morning here in "america's newsroom." louisiana bracing for back-to-back hits from two major storms. tropical storm marco is set to hit the gulf coast hours from now. with laura right behind it expected the make landfall later this week. meanwhile president trump set to depart the white house one hour from now heading to charlotte. we have it all covered for you. we begin in charlotte. the republican national convention kicking off today. president trump preparing to officially accept his party's nomination for reelection as president of the united states.


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